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Getting faster than 8.x MB/s on speed test.

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Just thinking earlier, I know it's a simplistic and possibly not relevant, but make sure there's no auto negotiations between your NIC's, set them to full 100,  sometimes (as I remember ) will "sometimes" auto config them to 100 half duplex, I remember this happened only on occasion when set to auto negotiation.

Might want to check that you don't have a subpar card in there that just happens to get the route !? The other ones might be ok.

Are your clients, and squid using the same port ?

I'm also wondering if the test here cannot be cached, so as normal squid caches on the first load, so each time , is like the first time......hmmmm

I'm just throwing things out there, havent really had time to do much anything other then thinking about it. 

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hi,, here is my two cents,, by using the proxy, your going thru the server on which it is held and not directly to the internet backbone on your business account.  so the proxy is NOT EXCLUSIVE to you, so this will slow speeds down because it is a shared server. you should get better speeds late at night then during the day..

also i see little point in using the proxy as you have the employees access to certain items already blocked.

how many computers share the internet access route? if 4 then you need to divide 16 by 4 which is 4 and deduct 20% of that for what microsoft keeps open for its updates and file server access.. so 3megs is about right,,


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The situation has changed.

Comcast came out today to b/c we were getting disconnected yesterday.

signal to the modem was 14.x and upstream signal was 58.x

The fist comcast guy had to call in a second. When the second came he said he had to reconfigure every node from the fiber to our door.

Now signal to the modem is 4.x and 48.x

Now the problem I have is that I cant get faster than 8.x Mbits/s on the download speed test from testmy.net

I can how ever download a file from microsoft at 2.3MBytes/s witch translates into 16Mbits/s

If I do a speed test at speakeasy.net it shows 16Mbits/s Its only test.net that shows 8.

Also the proxy server does not affect the speed test right now. I can hook straight to the modem and get the same results.

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