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Slow Laptop


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Hey guys I have an HP dv9000 laptop and here lately it has gotten unbearably slow.  I have checked for spyware using super antispyware and found nothing......When I open it to use it takes forever to respond and sometimes just seems to lock up on me....any suggestions?

Download spybot and then when it gives the results, delete vundo , if you can, otherwise you'll have to reinstall the operating system to get rid of it.  I'm goin on a whim, but I bet ya that's whats wrong.
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That may be a good one, work correctly and all, it's just my preference to not like symantec or anything involved with them, or norton, or anything associated .

Plus my idea of uninstalling something you don't want, or need, does not involve installing something else specific to the issue.

But It's just my opinions, doesn't have to be anyone else's.

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