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Fake AV-G trojan


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Well, after a reformatting of my computer around a couple months? ago, I thought all should be well. I had the nasty trojan vundo that wouldn't turn loose and totally wiped everything out with the reformatting, so now I am getting it bad again. It started out as one trojan here or there once in a while, then here in the last week, its a whole list full and as I am in chat it will pop up a warning that I am infected with yet another one. So I am always getting interrupted with these warnings. So I got to talking to a friend and he thought that AVG is somehow connected with the viruses. "Have you ever wondered what is in those updates , for real?" (job security) kind of thing, so got me to thinking as he is having a hard time removing his AVG to install some other antivirus program. SO, I uninstalled mine easily..piece of cake and was recommended Avast by him and my neighbor and finally got it installed after some issues of cleaning my brownser cache first. GRRRRR. so got it installed and finally figured out how to run the scan and up pops a few things immediately , one of which was a trojan called FAKE AV-G it says... man are these things tricky and :twisted:. So I am hoping with the new Avast antivirus it will improve . After uninstalling the AVG, I ran the c-cleaner as well , hoping to remove anything left behind. I sure hope this works. I LOVE AVAST so far. I like it informing me of updates by speech .(hey, the guy sounds sexy in my computer)  :evil:  My little tray icon is always spinning and showing me it's working and it's simple to use now that I figured it out. :haha: I love that it lets you know when the scans are done better than AVG and if you get an infection a siren goes off.( Shug, its not the cops,so don't flush your stash.) I was like  :wtf: when the siren first went off. (I think my heart stopped cause it pops up so fast with the noise too)  ok , I have typed enough, gotta eat breakfast at.......2:47 pm now.  :evil6:

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"Dribbly"...So you saying I am related to Muddy now?? :roll:  Damn that ice slowing your download speed made you ornery today. You definitely need spanked :evil:  gently of course. :wink:

Funny you said that, I thought the same thing when I read what he wrote, but after mama popped in , he changed his tune, remeber buddy ?  :haha: :haha: Just good fun, nothin else . :evil6:
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