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Is this a virus?


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I had Norton on my desktop(shortcut) last night..I was like  :icon_scratch::wtf::tickedoff: ....

"I" didn't download any Norton virus detector scans. No, it didn't get downloaded by my kids. It popped up again  today while they were at school after I removed it last night as it was running a scan . I thought it was gone for good. (I used control, alt, delete for removal)

NOT!........I even used v cleaner and c cleaner afterwards.

Today I was poking around in Google looking at videos and accidentally clicked on a torrent website and was fixing to navigate away from the site when my Avast alarm went off and said I had a worm. I kept getting alarms one after another until I navigated off the torrent site. I was trying to remove anything in my virus chest and didn't use my brain to click off the site.  :uglystupid2: Then  when I did,all was quiet. Then I noticed Norton on my desktop again right after . I immediately removed it yet again . Now I am wondering if I am getting infected since it has popped up twice since last night. I have heard you actually have to go into the Norton website to remove it and when I reformatted back around Christmas, that's what my neighbor had to do for me. I am afraid its a virus of some sort that resembles Norton or that it will interfere with my Avast as when I notice it, its usually running  a "scan" automatically. :buck2::knuppel2: Any suggestions ?

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It looks to me like you have to identify which version you have to have first now. I think it used to be universal.


If you still have trouble, you may have to download a 30 free version to get rid of it. Like with AVG I was having trouble removing the freeversion, so I D/L'd the 30 trial and will remove it at 30 days. You just do not have to wait. Install and immediatly upon rebooting remove so at least then you have the version to remove.

Might also try to remove it from your registry and "my computer".

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My mums computer before I replaced the failing hard drive had the Norton by Symantec updater launch a few times. Was just a remnant that was drifting on the hard drive(you can remove the locator of the program but it still sits on the hard drive), Even after the Norton removal tool had been used on it originally.

Use the MalWareBytes that has been quoted before.


install update and scan.

You can also go to,,, Start, run, type in  msconfig and then to startup and see if something is set to startup on power up of machine.


Heres a link to an interesting video for those Google searches for 'Free Today only' FAKE anti-virus products.


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What ever you do do not D/L that. If it pops up, it is tied to something bad would be my first guess for sure. All pop ups like that are unknown to the user usually are. Try total safemode scan again. LIke you usually do. Maybe even full safe mode, not networking. Its slow, but methodical also.

Just a thought.  :grin2:

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This is what keeps popping up. It just popped up again. It wasnt in the start up menu on power up., Zalternate.


Without looking in to it.... Might you happen to have an ActiveX control sitting in your Internet Explorer?.. tool, internet options, settings, view objects. And then you can right click to check properties of who belongs to the ActiveX controls.

Or since I had some time to look it up. Got Adobe(shockwave flash player for games)? Maybe it was a tag along download. I really, really hate those....  :tickedoff:


Why is Norton Security Scan being distributed with Shockwave Player?

    Symantec and Adobe are interested in providing our customers with the best possible user experiences. Norton Security Scan is being offered as part of the Shockwave Player install process as an option to give Adobe Shockwave users the confidence that potential PC threats can be identified through on-demand or weekly security assessments so they can take the necessary steps to remediate these risks and ensure proactive security. Users who do not wish to take advantage of this offer can easily opt out of the installation.

How is Norton Security Scan from Symantec connected to Shockwave Player?

    As part of a recent distribution agreement with Symantec, Adobe will offer its customers the option to install the free Norton Security Scan software as part of the Shockwave Player installation process. Only customers who accept the Norton Security Scan offer will download the Norton Security Scan software. Those who decline the offer will download and install only Shockwave Player. Norton Security Scan is only offered to users who have either already downloaded the Google Toolbar or who are not eligible to receive the Google Toolbar offer.

And it should be in the Add/remove programs listings.

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Thanks for all your help guys. I found the Adobe shockwave and uninstalled it , I am waiting to see if that helps now , plus the scans as Tommie suggested. .  :smiley:

The Adobe Shockwave is for a 'richer gaming experience' Bla, Bla, Bla.. It's more Stable than Flash rendered games I've found.

I'd of thought that Symantecs Security Scan would be listed in it's own add/remove line?

Well at least it was not the Ask.com virus.... Well thats what many people call it. Cause they don't read the installer to uncheck the default checked areas. And it don't uninstall cleanly and people have had to go in to various settings in their browsers to eradicate it.

I still default to Dialup days and don't let anything do auto-updates. Then at least I know what is getting downloaded with the updates.

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, but shockwave has been around for at least 15 years, one of the first, if not the first,  and this is the first time Iv'e ever heard it in a phrase compared to a virus, or malware of any kind.

Too many of these tag along downloads on some things now. Either Symantecs Norton or the Ask.com toolbar. The publisher of what you wanted gets a kick back for the extra distribution of a product that you don't want in the first place

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Too many of these tag along downloads on some things now. Either Symantecs Norton or the Ask.com toolbar. The publisher of what you wanted gets a kick back for the extra distribution of a product that you don't want in the first place

I'm hearing the same thing all over, but what people fail to realise, is generally, there's a little box somewhere before the download, as there blitzing through the eula's and installation directories, that you can tick one way or nother to install or not.

Like the google toolbar thing, man, I can't tell you how many times I have to un install this tripe, people just don't pay attention to what is on the screen, and people like you are saying  are taking advantage of that fact.  :haha:

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well i have 3...yahoo...lexmark...avg security...plus a links bar...and a tool bar...but i usually only have yahoo and the links and tools

so if my bells and whistles never go off does it mean my av isn't working or should i periodically scan with something else? if so...what??

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all they ever say is that i have "tracking cookies" but that i can't (shouldn't) delete them because it may void user agreements in some software i have installed

With SpyBot, it has the line about removing some Nasties, that will cause the questionable program to stop working.

I delete cookies everytime I close the browser. Well actually everything in the history file as well. Or I just do 'Ctrl, shift, delete' at the same time to delete all browsing information.

Cookies usually regenerate next time you visit a page, But if it is a tracking cookie, deleting cookies can skew any privacy invading programs data collection.

But when you log in to a site, like this forum, you need a cookie to keep you logged in as you change pages. That's how online shopping sites work as well. The cookie holds your log in information.

I don't allow my browser to get 'Third Party Cookies'.

And I never believe that line about a programs collection of "aggregate data', as all data needs a tracking code number to be able to discern your data from another users data.

And some cookies are used for serving you different ad's on different websites. So the site knows what ad's have been already given to you or what sites you have been too, to be able to cater specific ad's at you, based on the sites you visit.

And by the way for the Lexmark toolbar addon for FireFox, this is it's privacy agreement..

Lexmark does not receive nor collect personal information from the usage of this application.

Any change to this policy will be noted in the Privacy Policy of the new version.

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so now i'm confused...but i guess that's my job

Heres the splash screen from SpyBot. Advertisement robots are an add on to some legitimate programs and removing the robot will stop the program from working and deprive a user of popup ad's in some cases.

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