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A new member here :D

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Bago lang po ako dito. I would grab this chance para i-address na rin sa inyo ang problem ko.

Here it goes. Whenever I try to access this site http://www.dreamer-ro.com/forums/, it says that I am not permitted to use the boards. Even if I try to register, I am still being redirected to the same page. A friend of mine from Quezon City can access the site normally though. I really, really need your help guys. The site is actually a message board for the Ragnarok Private Server, Dreamer RO, I am playing on. Here is an image of the site whenever I try to access it.


edit...to remove url link

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Have you already been a member of the site ?

If they have just switched to "ip.board" then you may have to re register, use the same user and password.

If this is not the case, clear the cache within the web browser your using.

Just a friendly reminder, this is an English speaking forum, so please refrain from posting in any other language,  Please read through the forum rules , as a new member, this would be to all of our advantage. Thanks :)

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