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MSN Messenger don't save my sign in information


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I don't have the answer you need. I do have something for you to read about your signature. Its beautiful but way to large for the forum.

# [r.5.05-a] Signatures (a) and Avatars (B):

    * [r.5.05-a.A] Currently maxed at 700 characters

    * [r.5.05-a.B] Should take up no more than 225px  of vertical space

    * [r.5.05-a.C] Should not distort the way that our pages display

    * [r.5.05-a.D] May not contain any pricing, plan, sales, etc. details.

    * [r.5.05-a.E] May contain a maximum of two smileys. Or one animated smiley.

    * [r.5.05-a.F] May include two clickable links.

    * [r.5.05-a.G] May include two colors, plus black. (images of course are exempt)

    * [r.5.05-a.H] Maximum font size cannot be larger than 14pt.

    * [r.5.05-a.I] Please keep special characters to a minimum.

    * [r.5.05-a.J] Any signature that is offensive or insulting to TMN, its members, or its staff, is prohibited.

    * [r.5.05-a.K] URL's in signatures: You are allowed to post URL's and links in your signature.  URL's in signatures may only be simple URL's.  Any URL's that contain dynamic information (other than information to direct the user to a forum or blog thread or profile - example: View the profile would be allowed; Get this cool stuff < would be not allowed;).  Dynamic URL/Image information is also allowed for dynamic signatures (signatures that show specific user information such as 'what song I'm listening to' and other user specific information).

    * [r.5.05-a.L] Test results in signatures from competing websites: Does testmy.net allow it's users to post test results from competing websites?  testmy.net does not have a problem with users posting test results from competing websites.  What testmy.net does NOT allow is the advertising for such sites.  A simple link or validation link is one thing but having a huge logo or large URL to the site is another.  The site name, address and/or logo in any signature for these results may not exceed 10pt arial, any logo may not be taller than 10px.  Anything larger will be seen as advertising for the competition and will be removed, possibly without notice. 

    * [r.5.05-a.M] We reserve the right to ask you to change and/or remove your signature (or change it for you) at any time, for any reason.

    * [r.5.05-a.N] If instructed by a moderator or admin to change your signature, regardless if it seems to meet the requirements above, you must comply within 48 hours or your signature will be deleted.  If you are caught changing your signature back you will have a one (1) week posting ban placed on your account.  If you fail to comply after the ban is lifted your account will be fully banned without hope for reactivation.

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try this. i got it from This page

it says


on the main sign in window of your MSN

write your account and password

then tick the option

'remember my account and password'

once opened MSN




untick the option

'ask always for my password when I sign in webs powered by microsoft passport


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