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:cry: What is Dishnetwork and Wildblues problem with the internet service. From 3pm  till 10pm or later I can not get but .15 -.48megabit  download  and a .03megabit on upload.. The ping runs from 980ms to as much as 2870ms.  WHAT IS THEIR PROBLEM.  Does anyone including Dishnetwork know..I pay for 1meg of service and as a rule 80% of the time I never come close.  PLEASE HELP...  Is Hugsnet better?? 
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WildBlue keeps digging a hole for itself.. They are soon to have more capacity on one EchoStar satellite that is available for more congested areas. Maybe about May sometime I think it was for it to come online... But if users had any ballz, they would go after WildBlue with lawyers a blazing..  :protest:

Hughesnet Ka band on the Spaceway3 (HN9000 modem. One million user estimated capacity) should be more reliable for at least two years or more depending on areas. The KU bands are slowly being phased out. So don't get suckered by a bad installer with a HN7000 modem and a KU satellite setup.

Otherwise late 2011 till the next KA band satellite gets put up with a lot more bandwidth available for 2 million user estimated capacity. I am guessing that WildBlue/Telesat and Xplornet/Telesat(Canada) will share it like the current setup on the Anik F2.


The main issue is that a user is paying for a certain speed tier. But when a user pays for 1Mbps, that should mean that speeds should not drop in to the 512Kbps tier(and also not stay at the around 512Kbps for long times either).   Government keeps ignoring the situation for whatever reason... $ :buck2: $

Now having said all that....... Buyer beware and most of the support is still pure crap on both satellite services And you will be lied too.  Always a good idea to check around for a local wireless provider. And if at all possible with any wireless service or satellite, is to not sign a long term contract, even though it can cost more that way. I think Hughesnet has a one month guarantee to try things out and then a 2 year contract.

And the software on the satellite systems are now keeping pings in the 1000ms plus range.

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No, but close. It uses existing cell phone towers and wavelengths. You have a card like in video inside the computer which acts sort of like an antenna for receiving it. So the cell phone waves you use your phone on are the same for your internet.

Evolution-Data Optimized or Evolution-Data only, abbreviated as EV-DO or EVDO and often EV, is a telecommunications standard for the wireless transmission of data through radio signals, typically for broadband Internet access.

Better than satelite for surfing speeds. I had more download on satelite. But surf faster on EVDO. And so far no restrictions on my downloads like I heard so many have on satelite. And no weather to get in the way, ICE, RAIN, TREES, etc... And satelite has your signal going way up in the air and back. And in effect if one is on a laptop its also mobile. Take the internet on the road with you. So for many quite handy for business use also. I have the USB U720 by sprint on mine. And an antenna outside as I am in the basement. It works pretty good. I hope that helped. It really pretty simple.  :smiley:

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