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Which kodak would you choose?

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As my digital camera was stolen recently (it was a 6.1megapixel kodak easyshare C653)

i was looking to get a new digital camera since i didnt get a chance to order one last week.

so here are the 2 im looking at

which one do you think is the best. now obviously one is 12megapixel and one is 10megapixel, and one is a touchscreen and one isnt. one has a tons of features, one is a little more simple. BUT the reason i am comparing these two is because one has a lithium Ion battery which is a great selling point for me.

so here are the specs and you can tell me which you'd buy to help me weigh this decision.


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im sorry bro. :P it was an off day when i wrote that...anyway that 12megapixel model in the link above was out...so instead i got the 10megapixel model with a touchscreen


and actually its very nice. the touch screen isnt anywhere near as clumsy as i thought it would be, and with the flick of a finger you can slide through pictures in review mode, change modes with easy all without taking your eyes off the screen. ...anyway. i also was across the house within range of taking a normal picture of the tv and it actually has enough detail to see the individual pixels on the tv screen. its amazing what technology is now. i can even go into a room, use smart mode on the camera, place a newspaper infront of the camera and it automatically changes to text mode. and speaking of modes it has 3 pages of them to choose from, not including the sub options and video modes...on top of that this thing can charge via usb cable (which its doing now).  the video mode is 30fps with audio, works great.

tons more awesome stuff about it also. but i want to clarify what i meant by the review mode....ok on an IPHONE you have the flick scrolling where you can scroll through many pages until it slows down and stops depending on how much "force" you put into moving your finger across the screen...or whatever...most people know what i mean  :2funny:  ....anyway....thats how this camera's review mode is when cycling though photos. you can even add and customize tags, crop photos, edit them, etc. on the camera. even setup email accounts on your camera, hook it up and hit the email button on the camera itsself to send the photo straight to your email program so you can send it.  :evil6:

tons more info on it, but im still playing with it right now so i cant type much more :P

but the one con i have with it so far is that there isnt a battery meter on the camera....seriously people...only time you know its goin to die is when it says low battery in a popup message....but even after that message i was taking photos for like an hour....before i had put it to charge...that was just the charge it still had from when it was tested and packaged.  :uglystupid2:

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I am a pig personally. I love zoom. I like to sit in the audience and zoom up on stage while my girls perform and such. That way I do not have to fight others to crowd up by the stage, and I get a downward shot instead of upward. I now have a 7.1 megapixel w/12X Optical and 5X Digital. Does real good, and leaves plenty of room for cropping. But that new one has me drooling now.  :shocked:

12 MP and 24X optical, 5X advanced digital, total zoom range 120X. To me thats super sweet.


$399.95 better take it easy though. Mine is still running fine.  :lol: And I gave the kids my old P850 when the flash quit, and kodack wanted close to $200 to fix it. And got mine for $225.  :smiley: Except I had to get my own Lithium rechargeables for it. The non rechargeables was gonna kill me.  :buck2:

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