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The "Tea Parties "


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Well considering that CCW laws cover almost every state, as they should, as is written in something called an amendment, which allows people to carry a gun, I see no problem, but you know, I wouldn't have chosen to carry at that time, just isn't smart, but you know, it is his right. Funny how the commentator tries to act like this never happens. There's millions out there that carry every day, all around. No biggie. Now in Ohio, you can conceal your gun, uhm, it is called the conceal carry law  :haha: :haha:

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A "concerned citizen" with a gun and an earpiece? Huh.... Doesnt seem fishy at all.

how'd it come out?? the meeting i mean...

that looks like the kind of ear piece that security wears...like he's there pretending to be a protester...but actually there as presidential security

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