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Vista Boot menu?


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OK everyone, I need to know if there is an easy way to edit the Windows Vista boot menu.

I have Vista Home Premium on first partition, Windows 7 RC1 on the second partition and Windows XP MCE on another drive.

Menu Shows as Follows:

                                      OLDER VERSION OF WINDOWS

                                      WINDOWS 7

                                      WINDOWS 7

                                      WINDOWS VISTA

I want to eliminate the extra W7 entry and make Vista the primary instead of W7

I know there is someone here that can help.

Edit To Add

EasyBCD is what you want. Its super easy to use and theres plenty of tutorials on there site.


This program is a keeper. :afro:

Need to let others know about it if needed.

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First, open a command prompt.  Click start, then run and enter cmd, then click ok.

Rnter the following command to see the boot info "bootcfg /query"

(this will display your boot settings, what you will need is to take note of which boot entry ID you wish to delete.)

Then type the following "bootcfg /delete /id 2

(In this case we have chosen to delete the second OS entry which we noted down earlier from the bootcfg query command.)

Then once you restart you won't get the option to pick what OS you want to load.

There is also a free program that makes it easy to do, just point and click but I cant remember it.  :uglystupid2:

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Thanks PHP & Shug

command line editing looks dangerous and the bootcfg command only shows the win xp boot loader.

BCDEDIT shows all of the bootloader commands, I'm just not so sure about manualy editing that file.

Don't want completely dead machine

Give me a sec. Ill see about that program i was talking about.

The program I used was a paid  partition manager but I believe [email protected] will do the same thing for you under its free trial period.


Good luck man.

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