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SP1 values changed in Version 5??


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Hey Van Buren,

I had tried your Version 4 settings for my  Cable connection based on 3500/384.

I believe it gave a pretty big window..(of course that was assuming people were running SP2)

On your recomendation, I am using TCP Optmizer until I decide if I wanted to install SP2. (Optimizer uses a setting of 256960)

I saw you released Version 5, so I went in and looked at it.

I see you put in an SP1 version and I noticed the "3000" setting in MSS1460/SP1 dropped the Window size considerably...

Just wondering the method to your madness...lol



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well the SP1 3000 file using a TcpWindowSize of 64240 and that works very well, it might not give the best speed on a speedtest cos there is less burst compared to a TcpWindowsize of 256960

however the true speed, will be the same for 90% of the users downloading a large file

also the 64240 value has no windows scaling and gives a snappy webrowsing compared to the larger value

thats why i choosed it

the 3500/384 file from Version 4 also using a TcpWindowSize of 64240 but has a AFD tweak, so with SP2 it will report a RWIN of 437248

the TcpWindowSize can be calculated if you know your MSS ( MTU-40 ) and your maximal bandwidth in KB/s and the worst possible ping to your gateway


the hard thing is to determin the latency, this is diffrent for diffrent users aswell but ive learned that a value between 150-300 works very well.

all my tweakfiles is not calculated, i sometimes use values that i know work very well wit that type of connection

VanBuren :)

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