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On-Line Storage Solution for $10.00 a Year Unlimited Size~~An Heads Up~~

Guest jeffwalker9999

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Guest jeffwalker9999

On-Line Storage Solution for $10.00 An Year ------ Unlimited Size

http://www.onlinestoragesolution.com - $10.00 an year for unlimited storage size

ftp or java web based upload tool

very cool company


I will soon have my files at http://jeffwalker9999.onlinestoragesolution.com

with over 14 gigs of apps for vista and most of the apps work back to win98se


Sin City ( las vegas ) is still the same


I am doing somewhat better - cancer is under control with 2 times a week chemo and food/nutrition changes

:violent1: :violent1: :violent1:

still have disarranged knee and 4 brakes and 2 fractures on my left knee ( Predominant/Main Side Due to Stroke )


I am still seeking an doc that will that will take me on as a client ( 3 have said to many conditions-No seek an other Doc)


still using foldershare/windows live sync to share files-too


New Equip -

Cox Cable - 12 Megs Download - 5120K Upload

Acer Apire 4720z Laptop

D-Link  WBR-2310 Hardware Version: B1 Firmware Version: 2.03

Motorola Data and Telephone Modem

( Model Name: SBV5220 - Firmware Version: 17.2.29-SCM-03

  MTA Firmware name: SBV5220-17.2.29-SCM-03-SHPC

  Boot Version: 8.2 Hardware Version: 2 BCMA Software Version: 01.10

  MIB Version: II  GUI Version: 1.0  VxWorks Version: 5.4

  Firmware Build Time: Dec 15 2008 10:38:12 )


Equip is working good


back on the net - watch out!

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I have been using Windows new Mesh system. Sync sounds a lot like it, but I haven't tried it. I know that Mesh also allows remote desktop from any web browser which can come in handy. Also that onlinestorage site says that it is $19 not $10.(Of course it might have went up from the time that you posted) I must say it all sounds good, but the site doesn't look very professional. Which doesn't necessarily mean it is a bad product. Just something that I tend to notice.

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