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Any insight? Have 6000 been going down. All lights out cept power.


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Ok lets see if I can explain this. My 6000 has been (with no rhyme or reason) going out with all lights gone except the power light. It will take between 20 sec to 60 sec before it will come back on.  Then it may go right back out or wait a couple of minutes. It does not do this every day but sometimes does it numerous times in one day. I had the modem swapped out last weekend. The (installer?) had no flippen idea what he was doing. I think he was hoping to just drop off 6000.  I think it has been fine until yesterday. It started doing it again.

Now another thing and I have not idea if it is related, I was looking through my event logs because I lost all my IE (every window I had open) yesterday and had no idea what happened.  I found these logs going back for a while (a week or more maybe) stating that 1, DHCP service did not receive response from the DHCP server(I am assuming direcway?) to renew your lease. Could due to network connectivity issues, DHCP server or relay malfunction, firewall issues, or malfunction of network card or driver. Then 2nd said TCPIP has reached the security limit imposed on the number of concurrent (incomplete) TCP connect attempts.

SO, what the heck is this saying?? Do you think it is related? I bought this brand new Dell Computer about 1 month ago. I can't recall if the modem was going down before.  I think it was but not positive. I am on WinXPSp2. I have run all the virus, anti spyware programs.  What do you think?

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