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Windows 7 RC activation?


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So I'm un-hibernating the computer, and done waiting for everything to wake up..... Old System it's on so a bit slow in that regard......

So then up pops a Windows 7 activation dialogue  in the task bar and then it kills my Ethernet adapter and says that it could not activate.  My Ethernet adapter died yesterday as well, but no sign of an activation popup.  So had to do a Windows repair on the adapter and it still works fine.

Very strange... Have not gone searching too deep for the activation center yet.  As I don't see it in accessories.

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Dunno, coknucks messed w/ it more then myself, hell, the furthest Iv'e gotten is a VM of "7" , and a download , and a serial from MS for it, I haven't even burned it from the ISO yet . Only thing I can thin of is it one of the older versions ? They disabled it ? Or did the synonymous hibernation strike again ?

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Ok then. Once the wifes off of the TV(where that computer is hooked up to) I'll do just that.

Have not had the time to see if I can make the RC crash. Only made the Beta crash once on purpose.  :twisted:

I also see there is a big sale on Vista now. 50 bucks off at least. Each version.

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So it's activated. Have 30 days total, from install, and have it do whatever the hell it does to verify genuine online.

It still killed my connection the first try. The connection trouble shooter actually checked more stuff this time. I miss the XP connection checker resetter. So fast it is.  It would be nice to have a connection reset button. But then again, I aint no programmer that makes a zillion dollars a year and all the blank CD's he can take home.

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