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Is there a way to check the signal strength?

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Hi all,

    Is there any way to test the signal strength of the WB dish? Like with any typical satellite receiver you can usually access some menu that will show your signal strength, sometimes used to realign your dish. I have installed hundreds of sat. systems through the years and have always been able to fine tune a dish this way. When my WB system was installed the installer never once used any device; or web site, or anything/method to fine tune my dish from the recommended presets for my location. Is this common practice?  :?:

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To point the dish, he should of had a small square box that tells him what satellite the dish is pointed at and the fine tuning is done with it.

Otherwise to get system alignment stats, you have to call WildBlue and have them tell you your alignment strength(SVT numbers). Since the modem is a dumb piece of equipment with no end user interface, just an interface via WildBlue support. Or if you are friends with an installer, he can get you the numbers.

The Hughesnet modem has a user interface that gives all sorts of information.

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