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What FTP client do you like


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man, I thought maybe some of you were familiar w/ FTP / sftp.

I'm having an issue with connecting externally to the sftp server, Iv'e never configured one for remote access. Ive done all the porting as I would for any server that needs to be accessed from remote sites, configured the domains, user accounts are all accessible from the LAN as they have been for some time.

I have the dnydns name set, and is updated, and working. From within the LAN only. I get a 530 permission denied when trying to login to the server from a remote site.

Iv'e been through this for three days now, gone over everything and my experience is exhausted , anyone ?

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Well I always did enjoy a good conversation with myself hehe.

Either way, for future reference, when setting up an FTP, don't, instead use sFTP, you have SSH , and it wont use HTTP, so no port 80, which is a happy thing. *cough cough -security- cough *

anyhow using PASV mode to get through the porting issues, and compatibility issues with an older protocol and routing issues, make sure to port 1024-65535 ports within the PASV configuration, uhm you'll be able to do what I have been doing for years, access locally, but not remotely. If you wonder why such a port range, is due o how FTP works, the client sends the IP of course it must be authenticated, , the FTP server opens a dynamic port, then sends the client the server's IP to connect to and the port on which it is listening (you must have these set up before hand as well) over the control stream that the client started, and waits for a connection from the FTP client. Then, the client binds the source port of the connection to a dynamic port., but that port is randomized through all those suckers.  Got it now? Those are the basics. The very basics, then you get into the server domain, users groups policies, home folders, directories, on and on, and of course the slew of server settings.

So that was my problem  :grin:

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