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I have used testmy.net for a few years now.For the 1st time I have a,"speed", problem. Selecting the download test, using the,"Smar test", choice. the test starts like a bat out of hell, but when it gets to the last,"slowest", part of the test, it justs stops, cannot complete the test.

I disabled and exited my comodo internet security, even killing the their process that still runs after exiting. I have setup my optimization with speedguide.net's optimizer, tried comcasts optimizer via an active x, They were very close to each other.I also could not complete comcasts speed test using my wireless, and later have had intermittent problems using my LAN card.I have customized my IE internet zones towards being less restrictive. I have only tried my maxthon 2.5 browser, which uses the IE engine, disabled maxthons wen accelerator,and website booster. put test my net and the comcast site in the respective safe sites, allow cookies, exceptions,etc. disabled all pop up blockers and web filters. I have not tried my Firefox 3.0xx yet, I do not trust microsoft concerning whether IE 8.0 is really out of beta so I use IE 7.0.

I just had the comcast rep here due to some problems, everything else works swiftly and very well ....?

Any ideas?



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try using firefox. and post up the exact error you get, we'll see what the problem is for you  :wink:

Doesn't sound like he's getting an error.

Clear your cache.

The "optimization " may have adjusted timeout setting out of range. Move it back to default and you should be fine. Sometimes those fantastic registry changes made, aren't so great for every application, especially one like the test here, where it depends solely on YOUR specific throughput in waged against time and specialized compressed packets.

BTW, what speed in bandwidth are you paying for?

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