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Comcast docsis 3.0 ultra tier 22Mbps / 5Mbps

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I just got this service installed today

very solid so far

here is a look see


I know this is power boost but most downloads sustain 40+ Mbps for about 50-75% of the download

then bottoms out at 3.025 megabytes per second(provisioned rate on ultra, 22 * 1.1 = 24.2 Mbps)

can a moderator put this image in the first post

and this one in the second post as the first image


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Your downstream power level is a little low.  It's within the FCC requirement of +15 to -15 DbMv, but ideally it's better to be on the plus side to allow for more splits in your line if necessary.  I like to keep my levels above a 0 if possible, but I don't know how many times your signal is split.

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wow. You have to pay that much? I got upgraded from the performance to I think they call it blast andI am still Docsis 2.0 and I get 23Mbps down. I think I just did the test I will have to go look at the saved results page to get the exact info

Oh my bad it was at the top of the page I assumed it was a recent post until I seen the date posted was 09 sorry.



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