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whats the best way to back up my data?


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ok i am curious to know what some of you think is the best way for me to back some stuff up on my hard drive...im using a version of windows xp pro that isnt quite up to par and am thinking about switching to a diff version that i have and i dont wanna lose my 30GB of music that i have stored on my hard drive. i have nero 8 ultimate also, so i can back up stuff from that program, but is it possible to compress all my music using 7zip or winrar enough so that im not using a bunch of seperate dvds? the music is the only thing that i am really worried about backing up. and i would go on to explain about my version of xp pro that i am having issues with, but i tried that the other day and my post got deleted, but basically this version has been messed with by someone else, not me, and the other version that i am wanting to switch to i run on another pc at my house and it doesnt have the problems that this version has, hence the want to switch. so, what would be the most efficient way to back up 30GB of music? everything else i have on this pc i am not concerned about.

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With 30gb of music I figured you need to make 7 folders and use 7 DVD disc. When I down load music I start with a folder named "Music 1" and when it gets to be about 4.5gb I make another one "Music 2" and so on. It makes it easier to back up when you want to reformat. Good Luck!

EDIT: you can also get an external HHD and back your HDD to it.

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thats some pretty efficient thinking there coknuck, why i never thought of that ill never know. but hey, now i do know. thanks again for takin the time to help me with that. and i am actually considering an external hard drive, but i havent got past the considering part yet, just a thought that i have yet to act on.

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