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is it better to use a nic card or the onboard ethernet connection?


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just a question of which is better, the onboard ethernet connection or a NIC card that is bought from the store? im new to alot of this and was just wondering if that makes a diff in the speed and performance of the internet connection.

See no difference & the killer nic M1 card is a waste of money
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The card will be more consistent than the network chip in most cases, but if it's going to be noticable, I can't tell you in advance. The Killer NIC is a little linux server/router in your computer, but its uses are limited.

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i think it is better to use a separate Network Interface Card rather than the onboard one.

this is, IMO, similar to what a separate video card and onboard video does.  a separate card has its own memory, rather than the sharing that goes with the onboard video card.

besides, you have two internet connections; a separate NIC and onboard connection.  if NIC fails, you can use onboard, right?

hope this will help.

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