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missing fonts and characters in windows xp


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i reinstalled windows xp pro on my pc after having some issues with a messed up version of xp pro and now when i go to certain sited i am missing some fonts and characters. does anyone know where i can go to get an install pack or something that has the missing items in it? for example, when i go to myspace, instead of seeing the little characters that some ppl have in their names, such as butterflies or skull and cross bones, i get a little box with some numbers in it, other sites i get question marks in the place of letters. its really no big deal, but i would like to see things the way they are supposed to be and the way i was seeing them before the windows re install. any help would be appreciated. thanks. :smiley:

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right, so how do i get more language packs or character packs for my windows xp? my last version of xp had all that but it was a version that someone other than myself had messed with, i dont know where the guy that messed with it got them from.


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