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Odd connectivity problem

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Well, I have been having trouble connecting onto the internet with my laptop since today. It says there is limited connectivity but it worked fine yesterday. I think I tried all the remedies for small problems such as restarting the computer, pulling plug and putting it back in, using windows repair, turning off firewalls and whatnot but nothing is working. The other desktop on the same network is fine though. I thought it could be the Ethernet cable but when I used a new one, it still doesn't work. I haven't tried wireless since there is no wireless network in my house but could it be that my ethernet socket is broken?

The router still lights up when I connect my laptop to it and my the ethernet socket lights up as well so I'm not so sure. I'm sure I didn't mess around any settings or whatever but that is probably the most likely case. I'm using vista home by the way.

I'll appreciate any advice, thanks.

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After a little googling, I found a way to reset TCP/IP and that seemed to did the trick although the first try didn't work, the second time I did it and did ipconfig /release and /renew (with my antivirus turned off), it finally worked.

Fantastic, that would have been one of the next steps you normally take :) Awesome !
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