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saying hello


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Just thought i would say hello. This looks like a nice place to hang so maby i'll be around a while.

Some experience in electronics,watched computers grow from a kit in an electronics magazine (altair 8000 i think)1975 issue. also a semi pro musician ( to lazy to use the number system ) who liked to play it his way so limited studio work. I do lots of torrents ( nothing illigal ) copyright infringment ?? nah i borrow it long enough to watch it then dispose of it. currently into modem capping and hydrogen production with limited sucess in both .

Hope everyone has a great day.


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modem capping? well, from looking at your speeds, im interested to know more about that...your speeds dont look very stable, but way better than mine...i see some inconsistancies in your speed tests, but i would take that over mine any day! although i am happy with what i get for speed, but you know, if there is a way to get more, then show me!

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