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Anyway past Acer eRecovery BS?!?


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Quote from: gohaun on Today at 01:32:17 PM

Awesome idea on the utility stuff.

But i still need a program that will see the hidden partition and let me copy it. I have a win98 startup disk, but i need to copy the partition with the recovery info on it first so i have it before i "Fdisk" it.

I find it intriguing that gparted doesn't see it. Iv'e never had it NOT see any partition. from my experience, if gparted doesn't see it, it's not there.

I will have to check this out real fast. see if it will see it, i must have missed that post thank you Mudmanc4.

Go to the page I gave you ( http://support.acer-euro.com/empowering_technology/utility2.html ) download this and install it first then the erecovery and it should let you make a recovery disk with all the drivers and it will be stock just like when you bought it.

First: Acer Empowering Technology Framework Version 2.03.2015 (install this utility first)

Second:Acer eRecovery Management Version 2.0.2021

Edit: If the recovery partition is still there this should work!!!!

I will check this out after, I dont have access to the machine until sunday now. I have let a friend borrow it, and he wanted to try vista on it (which is what came with it, i installed one of my many version of xp that i have)

So i will update everyone on what did what on sunday more than likely, thank you all.

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My main objection at this time is to get to the erecovery partition so that i can reinstall it on the machine.

Right now i dont have money for the CD or I would just buy that and get it over with.

So i need a program that can see the hidden partition, and then make a backup of it (ISO or RAR) whatever will work.

Gotcha! Lemme see. What is the exact make and model of your computer?
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