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A budget build ^_^

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A co-worker is trying to get a computer so he can supposedly try and make and edit music I think...

For a Budget around 400 to 500, what would you recommend Motherboard and cpu wise.

He has some of the essentials already, like a monitor and case, and moderately not crappy power supply.

I was hoping to get some ideas so we can build from something stable.

Thanks in advance,

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  If your doing budget, you might just use a case that you can find laying around, if your into makin music, then who cares about a fancy case  that does nothng ! Maybe there's a used shop nearby and you can pick up a shell there.

Far as I know, and please correct me, but you'll need a decent sound card with midi support, remember newegg isn't the only place to get this >>>>>>>


Here are several motherboard /CPU combo deals to choose from 


Then again, you could get one of there full kits, and add the sound card !!!!!


Maybe none of this is much help, because I'm not real certain just what exactly you will need as far as the system specs, I'm sure someone else will chime in on this that knows  :)

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