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I have rewritten the method that I use to log test scores to the mySQL server.  I used to have the test results page send a request to a 3rd party script which in turn added the data to the database.  I basically cut out the middle man and now the results page takes care of this itself... trust me there originally was a very good reason why I had the middle man in the first place, but now it wasn't necessary because of other updates I have made.

This update will most likely be a silent one for most users, many people will not see a difference.  But on the server-side data will be entered more quickly and some users who were having problems with logging before (cholla.. your one I think) will not have problems now... because your firewall doesn't think my site is doing something fishy (I can see how some firewalls would think that was fishy... shit it was sending a hidden request.. hehe)

Enjoy! ~~ I will try to think of other ways to make this better here, can't wait to get the multi-server setup going :-D

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Hi CA3LE: My logging problem was caused by my clearing out the catche before I did the test specifically the cookies.Since I stopped doing that I haven't noticed any more problems logging.I have Sygate personal firewall Its not on the list that causes problems with upload test.Maybe you will find this info useful CA3LE.  :cool:  Cholla

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