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Laptop screen not turning on


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Earlier today it was working fine with no problems. Then i put it on standby. A few hours later, when I tried to start it up again, the screen doesn't display anything. Does anyone have any suggestions? Is it broken?

I left it charging.

This happended to my XPS1710....all three incidents Dell replaced the video card 3x and the motherboard once? mine worked fine then black screen all three times.

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i had a toshiba satalite laptop that did the same thing, would not show anything on the screen when powered on...the owner thought it was dead. after some looking around, i found that one of the ram slots is bad. try pulling one stick of ram out at a time and starting the machine, if it starts with one in and one out, then you have a bad ram slot or a bad ram stick.  

and i also have an hp laptop here, same thing, no screen on startup. this one i cant easily remedy. after some looking around, i found that there is a recall on this hp/nvidea chipset. junk die on the gpu. i think its like an instant over heat issue on the hp with the nvidea graphics built in. there is a recall, but it just so happens that this one doesnt fit in to their recall, hp wants to charge 260 bucks to repair, plus the cost of shipping to and from hp. so, unless i can find another mother board for under 250, then im afraid im gonna have to tell the owner he has to send it to hp and pay what they are asking for repair.

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