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well I'm sure u guys heard of that free ipod thing..well i thought it was bs until one of my friends got a freakin ipod so i was wonderin if anyone could help me out. i need to refer 5 people ... not spaming or anything just askin..link is http://www.freeiPods.com/?r=15499465

;) If your friend did in fact get one of these "Free" ipods its only because a number of ppl (i doubt its 5) filled out the forms and bought something or paid for shipping or some other bait and switch deal.... Sorry but there just ain't no free lunch....or anything else, but good luck.... just don't start posting Amway links please! OBTW you are not the first to try this on the site...I just dont remember what the outcome was ..............

8) Microwave

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bosanac, is that your car in your sig? if so you need to hook that car up with some tented windows and some spinners on that mofo...not bad car to have. :evil6:

Yah, get those windows tented, you crazy biatch. Jesus, Mike, your avatar is...... different. Someone usually wants my credit card to see some ass like that! :-P

I know my avatar is a tad risky too, but it's in good taste. :whaa:

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