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My computer has recently started running waaaay slower. It used to run pretty fast, and now the cpu usage will go from 5% to 50 or sometimes 60 percent when nothing is being used. I know thats not a good thing.

Heres my specs:

Acer Aspire X1200

Athlon Dual Core Processor 4850e 2.5GHz


64 bit OS

Geforce 9600 GT video card.

Windows Vista Home Premium

Here is a screenshot of my processes and services

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The CPU will do that when idle, it has something to do with heat dissipation.

  Since you recently started to notice a slowdown, it's best to run viral / bot / any type of malware scans in safe mode while the chance is better that "it" isn't running in memory and can be seen, removed.

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Scan with these free programs. Download and install and update and scan.

A-Squared . Crapware scanner


Download link.



MalwareBytes. Anti-Malware


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