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Big problems with DLink DI-524 wireless router

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I am having big throughput problems with my dlink DI-524 wireless router.  I have XP Pro SP2 and cable modem with Cox.  The problem is with my desktop which is hardwired to router.  When I first installed it, no problems for about 2-3 weeks.  All of a sudden, I started having problems getting to certain sites randomly.  Meaning, one second I could get to a site, next second I couldn't.  I would test by going to a big site i knew was up like google, but I couldnt get there either.  A second later, I could get there.  Another big tip was the weather.com extension for firefox would timeout.  Anyways, I took the router out of the equation and haven't had any problems.  Then I saw that there was a new firmware update for the router  put on dlink's site last week which I downloaded and installed on the router.  Hooked everything back up and had no problems for about 4 days, then same problems coming up again.

  In addition, I was having problems (the first time the router went on the fritz) with my windows shell, explorer.exe. It would do some funky stuff, most noticibly, the taskbar at the bottom of the desktop would turn gray.  Sometimes it would start blue like normal, turn gray, back to blue, then to gray.  Sometimes it  was mixed, some sections blue , some gray.  Other times it wouldnt load at all.  Only way to navigate my hard disk then would be through Ctrl Alt Del and then new task.  Also, randomly my audio controller would stop functioning.  I went into device manager and it was still listed as working properly, but any audio file I tried opening would trigger an error message (but I could hear windows startup and shutdown sounds).  ANYWAY, these problems went away when router was taken out, reappeared when I put it back in.

So, anybody have a clue what is the deal here???  Also, I must say I saw on another thread on this site that someone had to change the setting on their NIC to 10baseTX Full Duplex because the auto-sense setting didnt work with the DI-624, which as I understand it, is basically a 524 with a few more features.  I tried this about an hour ago and since then I havent had trouble getting to any sites, windows shell loads normally and I'm currently listening to a basketball game over the net, so maybe this was the answer.  I just don't see how a router could be causing all these problems, and how something simple like changing that setting on the NIC could fix it.

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I had the same exact problem with my DI-624 and I did the same "nic fix". Here is D-Link's official word on that:

Problems keeping a constant connect to the router  Print

This is typically an issue with older 10/100BaseT network cards. The problem is the older cards have a hard time establishing a connection speed with the router unit.You can resolve this issue by locking down the speed of your Ethernet card.

To correct this problem in WINDOWS XP

Step 1 Go to Start> Control Panel > and select Network connections.

Step 2 Right click on your network card (for 2000 and XP only)and select Properties.

Step 3 Select the Configure button.

Step 4 Under the Advanced tab you will see two boxes; Property and Value.

Note: Depending on the type of Ethernet card you are using the headings in the Property box will be slightly different.

Step 5 Select each heading in the Properties box until the Value box displays the speed of your Ethernet card (it will look like this: Auto-Negotiation, 10Mb Full, 100 MB Half, etc..). You want to select 10mb Full Duplex.

Step 6 Keep clicking OK until you get to the desktop. Your computer may ask you to reboot depending on the version of Windows you are running.

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I have a DI 624 router.  I've got a similar problem as to not being able to make connection frequently.  I also noticed that every time the prolem shows up all the lights on the router go off and windows reports that network cable has been unplugged.  Within seconds it come back on.

I have no clue as to what's going on.  Anyway I've just reconfigured NIC setting.  I don't know whether it solves the problem yet.  I hope so.

after making the change on my NIC, I am still having trouble getting to sites, randomly.

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hmm.. you might want to check your setting..


check that link out.. there a known issues with router!!!  Many problems have been confirmed with level 3 tech support.. If you want to know what they are I can post them later.. Most of them have to do with interference.. these should be corrected when the next firmware update is released..

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well i read those that thread .. my problem isn't quite the same.  The router doesn't reboot .. it just randomly can't get to sites.  like there's too much noise on the line for the signal to come through.  I also thought it might be a DNS problem because there are a couple sites I can get to usually no matter what.  Other times I have awesome connectivity and speed.  I posted my speeds on another thread and I am sometimes getting almost 8 Mb/s on a 4 Mb/s connection.  It's just that when I can't get to those sites sometimes, it really blows.  And it usually happens when I am researching something for school.

I'll try changing some settings and see if it has an effect.

thanks for the info above  :mrgreen:

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The Dlink DI-524 is an inept device overall. I've had problems with one of them myself when it wouldn't let me set WPA-PSK, and only by resetting it and running the wizard would I be able to set WEP. Now its showing up as no signal and cannot connect. My advice to spend the extra and grab a good Cisco (linksys) router.

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