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Posting from my Zune HD


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Ok since I don't deal with wireless routers I have my Zune teathered to my of using the USB cable. The built in browser is not much of anything to talk about. It's just a standard browser no YouTube on it but I think a sofware update will change that.

As for this onscreen keyboard I'm not really a fan of them cause I perfer a hard keyboard. But it seems to get the job done for now. I don't really brows the net on this thing to really get into it.

But everything else on this Zune is great. The HD radio is Cristal clear. And the touch screen is very responsive no lag in switching menus. The Invida Tegra chip really makes this player fly. The Zune software is very simple to use and runs automatically. Just point it to your music folder or any other folder and it does the rest.

The marketplace has a big selection of music, podcast and videos. But I already have my own crap so no need me going in it lol.

As for sync time its very fast. I synced little over 1gb of music in a a few minutes. Less then 5 I would say. As for music and video formats it support not many but all my music is mp3 anywys no no converting needed. The only thing I had to covert was my anime from ogm or mkv to the Zune video format.

The battery life is decent in my opinion. 33 hours for music and 8 .5 hours for video. Both with wireless off. Charge time is about 3 hours connected to a of and 2 hours with the A/C adapter.

I feel as if I'm missing something. Oh yea the screen. Scratch resistant touch screen surface at a 16:9 ratio at 3.3 inches. Very detailed OLED display with bright colors. The screen is sensitive so it doesnt take much to slide from menu to menu or to the next track.

As for hardware it only has 3 buttons. On/Off button at the top, volume button on the side. But the control is in screen. And the home button at the bottom of the screen. Very thin and light for thoes who want to go jogging or to the gym.

Ok I'm done typing all this using the onscreen keyboard. So I'm gonna leave it like this for now. I'm getting back on my pc.

Any questions on the Zune HD ask away.


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I've had my zune HD(32gig) now for a month or two. I agree with you on most of the stuff, mostly the web browser. But i didn't buy it for that. I bought it for the music and video capabilties of it and mostly because of the OLED screen.

The HD radio is really nice. But i do not have any HD radio stations around me so I can't comment on that.

I did alot of research before buying it. I'm glad I went for the Zune instead of the ipod touch witch was my other option.

If you want to listen to music and watch video the Zune HD is great, but if you want something for all the other crap like web browsing and the applications the ipod touch would be a good option.

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