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Back In The Day.....


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I remember back in the day when i first got online around 1994 when dial-up was the norm, and people who actually got 28.8k

or better thought this was awesome. Not to mention isdn connections were like WOW then to.  :haha:  Now i have an almost 5 Mbps down and 450 up speed, and some of you guys have 10 Mbps or better. Maybe I'm just rambling, but just look how quickly things change, and how much our speeds have come.


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:haha:  Yeah it was strange that we thought that was fast, I did a lot of pgm of phone systems over dial^ at the time , 4me it was a good thing that it was so slow....... I was getting paid by the hour. It was kinda cool because I was able to do a good deal of "work" from home , that is as long as the modem answered and the capture switch for the line was in the correct position..... L0L   

8)  Microwave

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I've got my first boat anchor on display at work in the server room, as a hilarious museum piece next to the humming data racks...Pakkie-Bell 286 loaded with 12mb ram, 680Kb drive, a:/ AND b:/ drives, Win3.11 for Workgroups & the "Hackers' Paradise" AOL 1.0....i think we ran an external 14.4 modem too.

Ain't it great that some things don't stay the same ~!  ;)


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