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Internet Speed big problem


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Hello Forum,

this is my first topic here and i hope my english is good (schoolenglish). I have DSL 3000 here in Germany with the Canopy Antenna.


When i use a downloadmanager Flashget then i have the full Internet Speed:


When i use Firefox and do the same download or browse in the Internet the speed is very slowly.


Since i have changed the speed to 6000 the problem starts. The speed is changing automaticly the browser is very slow. Other computer here have the same problem.

I have made two speedtest

from here http://www.wieistmeineip.de/speedtest/


here are the days of the speedtest and you see its changing:


when i do a other speedtest (/]http://www.[this.site.has.been.blocked.for.spamming]/) then im very fast:



the first speedtest was fine and corectly 3000. Since i have changed to 6000 the speed is S#!t and changed automaticly. Firefox browser is slowly. I don

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Snowfall will not cause that speed variance between different programs. If you are getting TWO different speeds at the same time using different programs, something is wrong with one of them. I am going to bet, in your case, it is firefox.

Now, there are several ways to fix this. Usually in these situations Internet Explorer is faster. I don't know why, but it is. I would try it. If it does not work, I would try a third one just to be safe. A good example is Opera. http://www.opera.com/

This MAY help, and I may be wrong. But that is my assumption.



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there is a firefox addon called download them all...i just installed it and tried it...i get around the same speeds as i do without it (maybe 5kbps slower for me) when using it...but im hitting my cap when i tested it either way so....and to be fair i was downloading something else with a different program, but its worth a shot.

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I have been experiencing similar speed issues with Comcast in the US (after a large snow storm but persisting for a week). The speed measured on the same site and using the same browser changes over time. I have called the vendor and we have had technical service visit. They verified this was not due to my equipment and finally confirmed they have some equipment problem upstream of my house. It took many calls, and calls of other subscribers of Comcast in my neighborhood (we all share the same node and should all be having the same problem). My problem was about every 30 minutes the browser speed would drop to nothing. Sometimes I could not even run the speed testing because I could not browse to the web sites. After 10 to 15 minutes speed would resume, at least I could test the speed, and it often was low.

In addition I also tried other sites for speed tests. I tested here at testmy.net as well as using the other site you showed in your note. Now that software allows me to pick my server and I chose one close to my home. With testmy.net the server is further away so I get lower numbers than with this other service. (I am new to this board but I understand we are not suppose to mention the actual name of other services for testing speed). So there should be some differences based upon the distance to the server.

But your table of data from some testing showing large speed difference should be enough to convince your vendor to look into their equipment. Comcast has the ability to "look at" my node from their main office. They can tell if my cable modem is behaving correctly. I am currently under "constant monitoring" - in theory they should also see these service drop outs. Also I got the name of a senior technical person I can call for updates and to leave messages when I experience poor connection speed (rather than waiting in the standard queue).

While I will admit it is possible that my equipment could be an issue with speed, I also think they like to blame the user and unwilling to accept their equipment is bad or failing. But after rebooting my computer, my router and my modem - the problem persisted. At that point it is most likely their problem. I became very firm with them. It also helped that a neighbor was having the same issue. (They think a single complaint is probably due to that one person's equipment or computer, whereas two households might be an actual problem).

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