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Spill It what did ya get for christmas.......


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I got chocolate and a losing lottery ticket from Santa in my stocking. The 2 chocolate I promptly ate. Then  I ate the wifes chocolate next. I did ask and she said yes, so I ate the whole thing. I think she meant part of it. Oh, well.  Theres one more to eat of hers.

Oh, I forgot about the turtles chocolate as well. 

And the early x-mas present was the new computer system. 

Turkeys done for already, after tonights dinner. 3 days in a row. 

Gotten past the need to buy each other gifts that might not get used much.

The Wifes dead dad, a few years before he died, we started to give him edible gift baskets. Wooly socks and such can only sit for so long before they get dusty. 

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