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England may force 40,000 Internet users offline


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England may force 40,000 Internet users offline. No crime by these users will have been committed. It's just the possible extra $40 a month added to their bill,  because of the copyright mafia, to enforce their version of stopping piracy.  No ISP in their proper business sense will take loss's that big without passing on costs to the consumers.

Or the proper way, would be to have the copyright mafia pay the bill. Maybe a billion dollars to start?

So who really controls our Internet anyways? The copyright mafia or the people?


Piracy Surcharge Set To Force 40,000 Households Offline                       

Written by enigmax on December 28, 2009                                                                       

Earlier,ISP BT predicted that operating an anti-filesharing scheme in the UKwould cost

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It's amazing isn't it? The way more and more people want to control everyone. The music industry doesn't represent the artists anymore anyway. They are just another type of union. Overpaid, overfed, and overfunded.

The music industry
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There was an article the other week about independent artists having to pay dues, from sales of their music, to a union(mafia representative) for them.  But the Independent artists are not part of any union. But for the Artist to get their withheld money, they have to join the union, and pay dues.

The artists never paid the money direct, but the money was taken during sales of the music.

If you want a real good example of the higher up's getting blood money out of people. And with government support, just like the copyright mafia is doing.

To sum it up. So a independent daycare gets grant checks from the government for support of poor kids at the daycare. Union says that daycare is now a government employee, due to getting checks from the government, and is now a union member. Union starts to pull union dues from those government checks because they have friends in government. 


Day Care Workers Fight Union(WXYZ) -  Most people who launch their own business believe they callthe shots because they are the boss.  That's what Paulette Silverson thought too when she launched a home daycare out of her Brighton home12 years ago.  It's called Wondercare.

When she learned she was being forced into a union she was flabbergasted. 

She received a postcard that said she was now a dues paying member of the United Auto Workers.

That means the union is taking a cut out of every state issued check to home day care providers of low income children whose parents need help paying for child care.

Paulette wants to know how they can comein and take money from businesses that are provately owned and turnthem into union members.

Silverson is not alone.  In December,2008, 40,000 home daycare owners were notified by mail that they were now members of the newly formed Child Care Providers Together Michigan union.

It's a joint enterprise of United Auto Workers and the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees.

Patrick Wright of the Mackinac Center Legal Foundation just filed a lawsuit in September on behalf of two home daycare owners, Sherry Loar and Dawn Ives.

Sherry says she doesn't remember receiving anything other than notification that they were going to start removing funds from any co-payment she received from the State of Michigan.

PatrickWright says similar unionizing efforts are underway in 8 or 10 states. He calculates that adds up to 400-thousand new members and $37-million dollars in dues and that really starts to add up.

Sarida Mossis a UAW Region One servicing rep. for Child Care Providers Together Michigan.  She says for three years union reps went door to door, sent letters and called providers to educate them about a possible union.

So, how do independent business owners become union members?  Well, it is complicated and tricky.

InJuly of 2006, the Department of Human Services signed an agreement with Mott Community College to form the Michigan Home Based Child Care Council.

By November of 2006, the Michigan Employment Relations Commission conducted a vote by mail.  Of the more than 40-thousand home daycare providers in Michigan, only a little more than 6-thousand voted.

Wright says Loar and Ives don't believe they were aware of the vote to become unionized, and did not vote.

Silverson says, "I have to admit I did not read the fine print and didn't look into it.  I just checked a big No and stuck it in the mailbox.."

In some rural areas people were against the union.  For every 25 people who said yes, 75 said no.  However, Moss says once people are educated about what the union does they come around.

Loar called herstate representative to complain.  She got nowhere.  They she says shewrote Governor Jennifer Granholm.  Twice.  The second time byregistered mail.  No response.

When we called the Governor's office, we were told the matter is under litigation and there would be no comment.

Some home daycare providers admit they have very few children whose payments are subsidized by the state.  Still, they say every dollar counts.

Their lawyer hopes this will be taken care of before things really get out of hand, "Are we going to do doctors next because they take Medicare? Arewe going to do landlords next because there's rent assistance?  Are we going to do small grocers next because there's food stamps?  Where does this end and why are we doing it?

Silverson says for now, she's dealing with it and doesn't have the heart to charge her parents another dime but she says, "I hope the lawsuit can stop it.  I hope they can un-unionize all of us home daycare owners."

The Michigan Department of Human Services has gone to court asking that the daycare workers suit be thrown out.

Patrick Wright has until later this month to respond to that request.

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