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Please Help With Genuine Microsoft!!! T-T

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If you indeed have a legitimate copy purchased by you it is time to call MS to plead your case that your key has been stolen.  If you are convincing enough they might give you a new key to input into the software.  Keep in mind that if a friend gave you Office or Windows after they installed it on their computer it is not a legitimate install.  The end user license normally allows the installation of the software on only one computer at a time.  Remember MS has nothing to lose by not giving you a new key.

In the case of XP there are certain items you can upgrade without it triggering the WGA even though it is solely your copy.  One of these is the motherboard.  I believe if that is changed XP detects this as a new computer and does not allow the computer to validate.

Another thing that catches people is the purchase of OEM software that is supposed to be sold with a particular model computer.  It could give the same WGA message because it did not detect specific hardware that was expected by Windows.

All the above pretty much applies to Vista also.

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