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Losing Speed After Tweaks


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hey everyone yesterday i was browsing youtube  and i seen this video on how to make your internet 100 times faster  you had dl firefox mosilla the works so  it told me to go about :config  and change the maxrequests to 150  in pipelinging section and turn pipeling hhtp to true i did that my internet was suppper fast but  curious me decided to change other thing  then eventually i didnt remember what i changed so i reset all the settings now my  internet so fast still but my youtube viewing is horrid now. What could possilbe i ahve changed to make it like that . Was this whole thing a virus someone help i need my speed. I did  conencton test my speed was amzing now it says it really slow  is it fixable?? it ahlf of what im paying for  i dont want to call isp providr becasue i think this is not really meant to to be messed with HELPPP!!!!

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Making changes to your browser will not speed up your internet, all you did was attempt to speed Firefox up!

It is almost impossible to speed up your internet, you get what you get, if your getting lower then stated by your ISP you need to talk to them.

If you want to reset Firefox back to where it was, go here... http://www.browserland.com/how-to/restore-firefox-default-settings-without-uninstalling-it/

There is a saying out there, some people need to remember this... if it is not broke, don't fix it.

You also have not mentioned what you have, Cable - DSL - Dial-Up - Heaven forbid Hughesnet.

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