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experienced a 5.5 magnitude yesterday afternoon here in manila,

and just now, an aftershock... scary. thought it was just me getting dizzy being in front of the monitor a long time.

been watching the news since last night and fortunately the earthquake didnt do any major damage..

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Scary stuff! Only thing close I have ever experienced was when MT. St. helens went up I wasn't living to far away and things got a little shaky...something you can't even imagine until you experience it. Good your ok man and no damage to your house?

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Here in British Columbia and Washington State, we are waiting for the "cascadia subduction zone" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cascadia_subduction_zone , to let loose. I think we have about 200 more years to go. Give or take.

Some areas are expected to turn to quicksand and sink the homes on them(well since Richmond is a big/long sand bar in the Fraser River). Other areas the Washington State Natives know not to live on, due to old tales of tsunamis in their legends.

Iceland has a Volcano coming to life right now. http://reykjavik.mydestinationinfo.com/en/hekla-volcano-webcam ,This one is supposed to ignite a main volcano. And that may send an entire glacier of water streaming to whatever area it decides to go to.

The earth is a amazing thing if you look at it in geological terms. But the sideways shaking earthquakes are the real killers. Parts of Chile headed west by many yards to the west in their massive quake.

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Once upon a time I lived below Mt Hood, Oregon, and had to cross two rivers fed by the mountain snow and glaciers to go anywhere. Even a little eruption probably would have killed me and my neighbors. Now I live in Nebraska and even we have been having small earthquakes around here lately. Maybe the 2012 thing does hold a little water.

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