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Major Downgrade! From Cox To Verizon :(


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Well in the past year I recently moved to Smith Mountain Lake (http://smith-mountain-lake.com/)

It's great living on a lake, waking up and hearing fish jump and ducks quack. But... I had to switch ISPs. WHICH SUCKS. I used to get almost 20MBPS down from Cox.

Now with verizon DSL. I'm getting 2-MBPS. :(

Could of been worse.

You could of gotten stuck with over-subscribed wireless or Laggy over-subscribed satellite.

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I feel your pain buddy. I had Cox Communications FOREVER but I moved to Scottsdale like 1 1/2 years ago and stupidly signed with Qwest. I don't get bad speeds but they really can't compare to what my friends get... 50Mbps+ with 2-4Mbps+ upload. I'm so jealous.

Lucky for me I'm moving next week and will be switching back... I really don't care if they charge me to get out of the contract. Cable Internet KILLS DSL... :knuppel2:

Why don't they have fiber to the home in the southwest yet! ARGH!

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