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Welcome to the forum! Hope you enjoy your stay here!:welcome:

Thank you for the welcome,TMN Seasoned Veteran.

From my experience in trying to find a nice chat room/ forum, it has not been easy, but this one looks like a winner. I will add more info to my profile as time goes by. I'm an old timer here. Retired in 1996, but more busy now than when I had my own Major Appliance Home Business. Plus, wife and I are raising our baby granddaughter, and that's about a full time job. Wife still works, at age 70, and I'm 73 as of last Saturday. I do the cooking and yard work, plus do all the driving in our household, as wife never learned how to drive, and still, as a hobby, work on home appliances to earn a few extra dollars per month.

I have to run now, so you and yours have a nice weekend. I will be more active here soon, I hope.

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belated happy birthday to you winfield!

hope you enjoy tmn as much as i do! :smiley:

Thank you krlcuevas for the happy birthday wishes. I just now got free from necessary chores to come here, and seen your post immediately. It is now 9:24 p.m. Friday night. I am still browsing around on here trying to get the hang of things, so to speak. I hope to see you in live chat soon. Have a happy weekend. :smile2: :smile2:

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