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Interesting results in IRC w/ Firewall


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I recently installed Sygate firewall when I read Vanburen's sticky (no real reason, i just followed it).  Anyways, I've noticed something interesting when I have my firewall up.  For one, my speeds improve on testmy.net (4.1Mbps vs 4.0Mbps w/o firewall  :D).  Not only that, but so do my irc downloads.  However, I noticed that when i take down my firewall, the speeds drop down 50-100k of the peak, sometimes more.  I've tested this question two nights so far, and it's held up pretty solid.  Here are some images:

With Firewall up


Without a firewall


Not complaining at all, just want an answer that'll clear up the confusion  :evil1:

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that is the oposite.....

hummm, is it the same file.  That might now be related to the firewall, that guy on IRC might have just had a few people drop off their downloads.

nope, i tested it within 20 seconds of each other, and i've done this twice in two nights. Not only that, but I've also closed the firewall while the download is running and the speeds drop, whereas when I enable it, the speeds increase.  Same file from same person as well.  He's on an EDU (as with most bots in the channel)

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