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How Long Is An Old Member?


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No, How Long is a Chinaman. Excuse my non-PC iMac, but it really doesn't have the same cachet to call ol' How an Asian-American. Enough of a bad joke that's told to about a thousand new hired killers every year, now could someone clue me in on what it takes to stop being tagged a new member? I apparently have earned enough trust or raised enough suspicion to stop that duty, but isn't eleven months long enough to lose the newbie label?

Good Luck and Regards

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dont quote me on this, but i honestly think that your membership length has nothing to do with it. i think its how many posts you make. just dont forget, if you post in the off topic section, those posts dont count towards your total post count.

Hey Trooper,

If my "member"ship length doesn't matter, I lose my whole repertory of double entendres Uh, thanks for the tip—nuts, you know what I mean...


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for the record, here are the numbers (posts needed to reach the post count based ranks)

Newbie 0

Earning Trust 1

New Member 5

Jr. Member 20

Full Member 50

Sr. Member 100

TMN Friend 200

Expert 1000

TMN Veteran 1500

TMN Sr. Veteran 2500

TMN Seasoned Veteran 4000

But there are other titles on top of that, which are earned by making yourself stand out in the forums. Basically, if you make allot of good posts with great helpful information you can get moved up in the ranks. Here some examples of out member groups.

News Anchor

  • Permit to post in the News section
  • Gains access to post longer signatures
  • less restrictions on the number of files uploaded and their sizes

Sophist Member

  • No added responsibility (no moderation)
  • This title is used for people who have proven that they are knowledgable.
  • Word Origin & History

    1542, earlier sophister (c.1380), from L. sophista, sophistes , from Gk. sophistes , from sophizesthai "to become wise or learned," from sophos "wise, clever," of unknown origin. Gk. sophistes came to mean "one who gives intellectual instruction for pay," and, contrasted with "philosopher," it became a term of contempt. Ancient sophists were famous for their clever, specious arguments.
    Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper

    I use the term here basically as a person who is well read


  • Full moderation, everywhere.
  • These guys are the eyes of testmy.net.
  • To gain this must trust takes dedication.

We also sometimes appoint people to only moderate certain forums. Also, Super Moderators will be appointed soon, these guys will have more admin rights like member banning and forum creation.

... Hope this helps ;-)

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