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Dead Something- Not Sure What =s

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SO i awoke this morning to find my Main pc wouldnt boot. At all

Power comes on, PSU (new) fan rotates, can hear the HDD powering up gfc card fan starts to spin niceley- only i get treated to a long continous pc speaker post beep and the monitor is blank- doenst even get to bios.


Packard bell IX9600

Intel dual core 2 quad

3 gb 667mhz ram (ddr2)

Nvidia 9600GS gfx

Seagate Barracuda 7200 HDD (750 gb)

WIndows vista 32 home premium (packard bell dont give you 64 bit verisoneven for a 64 bit pro!!)

Ive re-seated the ram and videocard, Changed the ram around in the 2 slots, inserted new matching ram into the slots under all possble configuratons.

Any help as to what u think this could be would be much appreciated- im thinking dead ram chip on the GFX ?? or 2 dead ram slots (unlikely)

Mobo is a focxon 775 socket mirco atx

Bios is a phoenix award and have check the manufacers website simplay says the beep is a "memory problem". but this doesnt seem to make a lot of sense as i have new ram and am still getting the issue.

Any help would be legendary=D

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looks like your M/b has on board graphics , try pluggng the monitor it that , as Ray said it could be the card ,

can you look up bleep codes for the P.B ?

all I could find is http://www.foxconnch...ID=en-gb0000079

""Beep Code"


No beeps

Short, no power, bad CPU or motherboard, or the CPU is not installed properly.

One long beep, then two short beeps

Video problem

Continuous hi-lo beeps

CPU overheating

Repeated long beeps

Memory error

All other beeps

Memory related error

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My first thought is the CPU overheating. your in there, check the possibility of clogged heatsink fins, Thats solid sound as your already well aware of, shows a hardware failure of some sort


The compound on any machine that ties the cpu heasink hardens and renders it ineffective.

OR....... lol

look in the BIOS for warning settings, maybe there are thresholds that have been breeched due to a simple issue. such as the above...

Many times there is a virus warning, but this as rule does not halt the system, none the less, could be . If in fact the settings for either cpu, gpu or other are set to warn at a certain temp and set to halt on this threshold breech.

Like roco and ray say, as well as the guides also. Cram a cheap gpu card in there and change the priority for video initialization within the bios.

Or hell, just reset the bios, and as you do so, set the logs to ON , so that it will well, log the issue .

Also check for a program that you may have installed to clock either the gpu, cpu or memory.

Please update us with all your findings, we'll get to the issue by deduction.

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