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Speed And Things


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Speed and things

I got a thing about light things being faster, one of the reasons I never tried Vista

My computer is a budget home build , 3 core AMD with 2 Gb of memory ,(It’s no faster in normal use than when running 1 Gb .) my O/S is Xp pro 32 b,

for testing I use Performance test V5 by passmark software ,

Been logging tests for years ,

My interest is in lightening the services running , a good tool for that is

Micro’s Systernals procexplorer ,

I was using AVG antivirus, free , till I noticed the number of running services ,

Now using Avast free , it is very configurable and light ,

Just been running Glary Utilities , as a clean up tool ( from Cnet )

It also has loads of options , and so far is working well , it’s free

And the latest de- frag tool is by Auslogics , it sure does a better job than the built in m/s tool , also free,

I now have my system running with only 20 services , that includes a software firewall and Avast antivirus , and seeing a 19% increase in performance on my computer ,

The disclaimer

If anyone uses any of these tools , be it on your head , not mine , they worked for me ,

That’s all I am saying nerdly.gif

BTW . my next project is Linux Mint 10 , been there in the distant past ,

and didn't like it , but then I don't give up that easy


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If you want light IE6 was fast. IMO of course. I had good luck with it anyway. And gonna try that defrag. So far M/S has been the best in the end and already there anyway. nerd_smiley.gif

I am

on I E 8 now , it takes a bit of taming , but works well for me , F** k firefox etc , in the past it as clunky and no faster for me ,

I guess that will get the fire fox guys howling , but do I need to run a browser that needs I.E as a back up, ?

Tommie I think from past posts we both ran Pirform de-fragger ?

, for me it seemed to lose it's way with it's updates ?

auslogic defrager, seems to have got it right for me , it has a nice option to speed up disk layout for fast booting , ( recomended once a week )

indeed my puter still boots in under 30 seconds,

either way I do a full "C" drive back up b4 adding new programs, I guess it's a old habit dating back to the 90's

once bit., twice shy is the way I go , nerdly.gif ,

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A list and description of the top ten Linux distro's.


I guess it depends on which review you read, I got sold on Mint , well,maybe sold is a misomer ? it was free cheesy.gif ,

I never got it online in the past , it was a bit like open office for me, that I found was crap back then , maybe I ain't geeky enough , I need a system to work like my fridge , washing machine , and the cooker , ( put my dinner in the oven , press the button , eat the meal) , plugins ? I leave that to my G/F ,, icon_biggrin.gif , I admit I have put my dinner in the washing machine in the past ( thanks J.D, ) , it came out a bit dry next day icon_biggrin.gif,

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