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Ad Groups And Microsoft Watered Down Ie 8 Privacy Controls

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Microsoft crippled online privacy protections in the latest version of its Internet Explorer browser, due to vigorous opposition from Microsoft’s advertising executives and ad industry representatives, the Wall Street Journal reported. [more]

This explains why these idiots want everyone to this garbage so bad!!

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I never liked the fact that when you set the check marks for IE to 'delete all data on browser close', it did not.

With FireFox, I close the browser and everything is gone. Surfing data and cookies. And if I choose, I can make the browser appear to be another browser. :twisted:

Ever checked Flash and what it stores? http://www.macromedia.com/support/documentation/en/flashplayer/help/settings_manager05.html

Which is why I have Flash turned off. I do notice that tiny little 'Flash beacon' on some sites. I just click what I want to see, but some sites do make you click the flash beacon to see a video. And you can't block third party content on else some sites or part of the Flash page is gone. Third parties are or were using Flash storage to re-create cookies.

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