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Ima N00B Too!


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Hello everyone! I am on my 2nd pot of coffee here, and decided to finally break down and register. For I need some help with my internet speeds and such.

I am a wannabe city boy living near the sticks of SW Kansas. I was a very happy customer of Cox Communications prior to this year. 3 awesome years of literally trouble free internet. Now, 2010 rolls around and the very first week and about every 1-2 months since I have had to call my ISP for a strange intermittent issue. I have learned bits and pieces of how a modem actually works, as well as how the internet works. I am sure I know nothing compared to vault of knowledge that lies within the pages of these forums.

I am a fan of World of Warcraft, and similar MMO's. Also play around with friends on XBL occasionally. I use my internet for 80% games, and the rest for wikipedia. Maybe a lil more when new episodes of "Glee" is on Hulu for the wife. Sometimes she makes me watch, it is almost unbearable.

Here is my problem...in a nutshell.

When the problem begins to show its ugly face my speeds go up and down during peak times. Usually starts at 5pm and ends around 2am CST. I am on the preferred package with Cox. Which amounts to 12mb/4mb when my connection is grand. I will begin to notice my latency in games bounce around a week or so prior to them being reduced to less than dial up speeds. I use Speakeasy, broadband.gov, and of course Testmy to diagnose. Along with tracerts and pings.

Right now my speeds range from 4mb-9mb using testmy. My service includes Speedboost. Which I am almost sure affects the speed tests making them appear to be faster than they actually are. Every time I call tech support the techs tell me that all my signals and their pings come out fine. They see no issues. First they always want to do is send a technician out to "fix" the problem. And then proceed to charge me for it.

Here is what I have for a computer. I'll reply with a DxDiag if you guys would like to see it.

Core 2 Duo 3.0ghz

2GB DDR2 G skill (PC6400)

GTX 285 standard clocks.

Asus P5Q-Pro

Atheros AR8121/AR8113 (latest drivers as of today, no change in speeds)

Windows Firewall with exceptions to online games

No Router(crapped out)

Motorola Surfboard SB5101U

My signals as of now.


S/N ratio 38.3 dB

Power level 0.4 dBmV


Power 42.7 dBmV

Thanks for any input.

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2nd pot of coffee, nice. I'm a five hour energy guy myself.

How do your traceroutes look? Post some if you could, when it's happening and when it's not.

I was just on wow getting the best pings I have ever had on the realm. Less than 200ms. Decided it was too good to be true and logged off. I'll post them as soon as it happens. Thanks.

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