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Centurytel (Now Centurylink) Slow Speed


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I am using CenturyTel/CenturyLink DSL 10 meg service with the Westell modem model 327W

I am paying for 10 meg service and am only receiving less then 1 meg download speed

here are my test results

Your connection is: 810 Kbps or 0.8 Mbps

You downloaded at: 99 kB/s

You are running: 14 times faster than 56K and can download 1 megabyte in 10.34 second(s)

Member Ident:Username:bug11210 CompID:1899373699473

Test Time:: 2010-08-16 02:11:40 GMT

Test Browser and OS info: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; SIMBAR={7C2A6D79-3BB0-4D53-855F-1BB2C10EE4C7}; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; MySpace;; MySpace;)

Test ID: 9YEBVW8M5 (if this is a screenshot go to testmy.net to see if this is fake)

Diagnosis ^info^: May need help : You are only running at 30% of your hosts average (centurytel.net)

This was tested from a 12280 kB file and took 124.157 seconds to complete

I have called CenturyLink a number of times and have repeatedly been told the "ping" test says my modem is fine. They continue to insist that it's a problem with my computer - I also have 10 meg service at my son's house and he's not receiving 10 meg service either. I have done scans, including virus and all the results say the system is fine. I myself believe it is on the company's end where the problems lie. The tech support number has line trouble and they cannot be reached.

Here are the stats for my modem:

Transceiver Revision:

Vendor ID Code: 4

Line Mode: ADSL2+ Mode

Data Path: Interleaved

Transceiver Information Downstream Path Upstream Path

DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 12474 882

Margin (dB) 16.0 413.0

Line Attenuation (dB) 14.5 77.0

Transmit Power (dBm) 15.7 12.3

As you can see, It indicates I am getting what is paid for but in reality I'm not.

I have a copy of the modem log but it isn't included as it is very long. Can anyone tell me what else I might do to get my speed back up?

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The 'Simbar' shown in your 'browser user agent' from the test is AdWare.

Or do you need it installed for some other program?

MalwareBytes. Anti-Malware. free download and install and update and scan.


"Warning that removing the AdWare may cause the program that it came bundled with to stop working."

Is the 'MySpace' add-on using bandwidth as well?


This is not a virus or trojan. It is a direct-marketing adware application. This application generates extra pop-up ads while using Internet Explorer.

This kind of application generally comes bundled with another program, which usually discloses the fact that it is ad-supported. Users agree to have the Adware installed in the license agreement, although they may not realise at first that this file was packaged with the product they installed.

Is your wireless network password protected? And something better than WEP. Like WPA.

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(note: I have renamed this forum, I hadn't realized that they changed their name. The new forum name reflects this, thank you for bringing that to my attention with the topic subject line)

Post a trace route to testmy.net and google.com... we may see where the problem is if we have a couple of traceroutes.

To run a traceroute...

  • Windows Start > Run > type CMD [enter] > from the command prompt type tracert google.com and/or tracert testmy.net
  • Linux / Mac Under Applications/Utilities open 'Terminal' > type traceroute google.com and/or traceroute testmy.net

Paste those results here.

... copy and paste the results here [nerdly]


yeah there is also definitely cause for concern regarding...

Test Browser and OS info: Mozilla/4.0 (compatible; MSIE 8.0; Windows NT 5.1; Trident/4.0; SIMBAR={7C2A6D79-3BB0-4D53-855F-1BB2C10EE4C7}; .NET CLR 1.1.4322; .NET CLR 2.0.50727; MySpace;; MySpace;)

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Tracing route to testmy.net []

over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms dslrouter []

2 20 ms 21 ms 21 ms vi-d20-1.rb.gh.centurytel.net []

3 21 ms 21 ms 20 ms j1-rt-ge-0-0-0.bran.centurytel.net [209.206.152.


4 28 ms 28 ms 28 ms host.lightcore.net []

5 37 ms 28 ms 28 ms bb-mrghmoqa-jx9-01-ae0.core.centurytel.net [206.


6 35 ms 32 ms 32 ms bb-kscbmonr-jx9-01-xe-1-1-0.core.centurytel.net


7 48 ms 48 ms 48 ms bb-dllstx37-jx9-02-xe-11-1-0.core.centurytel.net


8 49 ms 47 ms 48 ms bb-dllstx97-jx9-01-ae1-0.core.centurytel.net [20]

9 85 ms 85 ms 86 ms eq-dallas-10G.theplanet.com []

10 86 ms 86 ms 85 ms te7-2.dsr01.dllstx3.theplanet.com []

11 * * * Request timed out.

12 85 ms 83 ms 100 ms a.ff.5746.static.theplanet.com []

13 86 ms 85 ms 86 ms 8c.bb.78ae.static.theplanet.com []

Trace complete.

Tracing route to google.com []

over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms dslrouter []

2 21 ms 21 ms 20 ms vi-d20-1.rb.gh.centurytel.net []

3 21 ms 20 ms 21 ms

4 26 ms 27 ms 27 ms host.lightcore.net []

5 26 ms 27 ms 42 ms bb-mrghmoqa-jx9-02-ae0.core.centurytel.net [206.


6 35 ms 34 ms 34 ms bb-chcgilwu-jx9-02-xe-1-1-0.core.lightcore.net []

7 35 ms 36 ms 34 ms bb-chcgildt-jx9-01-ae1.0.core.centurytel.net [20]

8 34 ms 34 ms 34 ms host.lightcore.net []

9 43 ms 35 ms 34 ms

10 45 ms 61 ms 44 ms

11 47 ms 45 ms 46 ms

12 46 ms 55 ms 53 ms

13 44 ms 44 ms 44 ms iy-in-f99.1e100.net []

Trace complete.

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Okay, it's all good...

This is actually normal. Some routers on the internet and our network prioritize packets so they may not respond to a certain percentage (or in this case 100%) of the *direct* queries to the router itself, and let the rest of the packets through. This is to keep load on the router to a minimum so it's only processing packets that are on their way to their destination. If there were issues with the router, you would see it reflecting in all the subsequent hops in the traceroute.

Uuuuh, I'm so tired right now I didn't even really look at the trace.

So yeah, your traceroutes look good. You should really look into some spyware removal like Zalternate said. Here's some more information about SIMBAR from McAfee >> http://vil.nai.com/vil/content/v_131206.htm

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