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Clicking On Some Speed Testing Links Results In Error Page


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[#404] Sorry, we could not locate the page you are requesting to view. Please click here to return back to the forum's home

A couple of examples.



CA3LES sig works......


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I didn't delete those lines on accident, it's all there

I've got a ticket in with invision. For some reason with this new board IPB has been trying to handel a couple of things that I don't want it to... like error handeling outside of it's directory, I don't want it to do that. ... Secondly, there is NO error in that link, everything is where it should be but IPB has still taken the liberty to throw an error page up for something outside it's directory. I understand why, IPB is called upon on every page request.... but it should still keep to itself in it's own directory. It did before the upgrade.

They'll give me some better insite into what's causing this. This is like the 4th headache with my .htaccess redirects that this new install has given me. I worked around the other ones but this is getting ridiculous, I need a full solution for the entire problem... it's obviously causing problem.

The Invision Staff pretty quick to help, I checked the 'critical' button on the ticket... it really is critical, there are tons of links on the internet that reference this.

Thanks again for reporting that, I'll let you know once it's resolved.


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uuuuhh, annoying!

I seriously don't know what's causing this. For some reason the new version of IPB has taken liberties outside it's own directory. I mean, I call upon it all over the site but that doesn't mean it should be taking the liberties it's taking.

Anyways, I got a temp fix for this... this is a head scratcher and it's stressing me out too much right now. For some reason if you add an ampersand at the end of the URL it works. So future links are now being printed with this for now. I'll figure it out.

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And an Ampersand is a , & , or upper case 7 . [nerdly]

Read something on that the other day about ampersand. Or it was a comic strip........ A lot of people don't know what the name means.

OK, It was Family Guy and Brian the dog teaching in the 'stupid version English class'. Teaching the kids that they can be ho's and ditch diggers and such. Instead of just being the rejects of society.

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