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So if I use my style of board "TMN 2010", I don't get the "whats on your mind" column. And I don't get the "recent topics added" column either.

But if I use "IP board", I can see them.

So I'll change over to the "IP board" version I guess. It is a bit better for text reading anyways.

I know you are extremely busy. :occasion14:

Edit: and the "What's on your mind column" directs oddly to update it when using "TMN 2010". But I had accessed it via "profile", to change the comment.

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I'll correct that in a bit. I turned it off because it had errors. It's resolved i just need to turn it back on when I get to my console.

This new theme will work much better. It's a newer version with many fixes, that's why it's the default now.


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