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Need an adapter from Amazon.com


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First I want to say I am sorry. Of late been posting TONS and feels like im spamming the boards. Im sorry.

I am looking for a adapter to hook a mp3 player to t.v.. I am getting ready to order my first ever mp3 player. I decided to buy a a cheaper one, See if I use it, Like it bla bla bla before spending the big money. This is the one I am gonna buy. http://www.amazon.com/Sony-Walkman-NWZS545RED-Video-Player/dp/B002IPHA3A/ref=wl_it_dp_o?ie=UTF8&coliid=I1QABG1ODJXFJK&colid=32CZU5X2B0AXU.

I know there is a adapter that hooks into the headphone jack and has 3 the 3 hook ups, the Red, Yellow and White. Unless you guys know something better. Have a new flat screen.

One thing after TONS of research I have learned. The trick to any mp3 player is Knowing the format of the Video and Audio files it needs and the Software to convert the files for the player. So see how this all works out. If it does, In time I may buy the Ipod touch. Not crazy about apple, So I will look and see I can find a better one. Who Knows The one I buy, May be the one to have and use.

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I've never owned a sony mp3 player. But I played with one at bestbuy a few months ago. Looks like it has lots of feature for the price. $100 with apple doesn't get you that much. Personally I'd get an ipod. But that's more because I have like 3-4 things in my home built to dock ipods. I use my droid for my personal music these days though.

Your not spammy dude, never worry about posting too much. That's why this is here. The more regulars this forum gets the better it will be as an internet resource.

Good luck... could you please review and make a post here about which ever mp3 player you go with. ;) My users will find it helpful I'm sure.

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I did take a HARD look at the Ipod and for me just can not see the benefit in my area. I live in a very small town in the midwest. So hot spots are few and very far between. I really don't travel that far or often.

No need of a Iphone. Hate phones, and my simple straight talk 40 dollar phone with 30 bucks a month and I barely use 3 hours of the 16 hours and texting. Dont get me started on that rant. Spend a hour texting and it could be saved with a 10 min phone call. Want me to text 911 for you stupid cause you decided to txt and drive and ended up in a ditch.

And last but not least, I wanna walk before I run. Play with a cheep one, then move up in a couple of years. Think the other thing is with Ipod you pretty much have to use stupid itunes. The zune not impressed. With the sony, You can use my fav player, Winamp to sync it up. They even have a whole web site, anythingbutipod.com that really helped me decide.

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I think for you it may be the right way to go. I too haven't been impressed with Zune... I also agree about the iTunes deal. They really need to make it more open. The ipod is definitely too proprietary. Much of Apples proprietary nature no longer bothers me, Apple's hardware and software really are a perfect match and I understand why they do what they do... but when it comes to the ipod...... give me a break Apple :rolleyes:

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Well I picked up the Sony Walkman 16 gig mp3 Player. Been messing with it for the last 4 hours or so. Learning TONS!!! Making it more complicated than needed. You dont need to sync any player to it. I keep my music in there own folder. Example, Ac/DC Back in black in its own folder.

It comes with its own Transfer "wizzard". Drag and Drop the music folder, or Open the walkman in windows 7, Find the Music folder and drag and drop. It took a bit to figure out the video, and getting it converted, But found some software that converts it fast. ICoolSoft. They had one for my sony and offer one for Ipod, Converted a movie in under 10 min. I simply go to the folder settings, and there is all my music. I tried a talking book. Works good. Even if you shut it down, When you start the player up again starts where it left off. Still messing with that part. No bookmarks that I have figured out yet.

While I dont have lists, I could do it if I sync with windows media player. I have no need for it. The folders are in order, So its cool. I paid 100 at walmart. Super Glad I went with this one. Gives me the chance to walk before I run. Working 3rd shift is gonna get a bit easier. :) Gonna order the case and other stuff at amazon. I really suggest you give it a shot. You may be surprised. Especially if your new to mp3 players. Really easy.

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